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No matter what... "arise, resolved to fight!"

No matter how straight-forward and kind I am, my friends just don’t reciprocate my goodness.

No matter how hard-working and ethical I am, my boss didn't give me a good increment.

No matter how intelligent, creative and ambitious I am, I have had to take three breaks in my career already.

No matter how early I wake up every day, irrespective of sore throats, headaches or menstrual cramps, to pack interesting breakfast and lunch for my child, he admires his dad for never missing his morning work-outs. I murmur, “how unfair! had I had support in the kitchen; I would have gone for my early morning walks too!”

No matter how much I support the family with cooking three meals a day, run the household errands, sacrifice my personal time for parenting, decorate my home to ensure a nice ambience, my family hardly says a “Thank you” or “Good Job”. Instead, they measure my success in comparison with the money that my husband makes and promotions he gets.

Am I not deserving of even a whiff of fame or appreciation?

It almost cripples me from thinking beyond the routine. I don’t think I can fly any further for, my wings have been cut by these people: the so-called “life partner”, the so-called “my family”, the so-called “trustworthy bosses”. There is no point being good or doing good.

Life is bloody unfair, isn’t it?

Yes. Life is unfair….and it will be.

But my friend, before your thoughts spiral you further downwards, trust that we have the ability to thrive with some perspective change…