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What is Coaching?

  • It is a self-improvement program

  • Focuses on personal-growth & self-initiated change

  • Focuses on identifying & prioritizing  life/ career/ relationship goals with emphasis on action, accountability & follow-through

  • It is NOT Therapy

  • It helps client meet their better version

A coaching engagement is normally a series of 5 to 6 meetings spanning around three months (one meeting every two weeks). This way, it is neither too soon nor too far for the client to stay on track with their goals. Normally, a positive habit / thinking or behaviour pattern is formed as an outcome

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FAQs about Coaching: Services

Coaching | FAQs 

1. What is Coaching?

It is a creative process between the Coach and Client, where both parties remain in equal alliance and engage in a deeper-level conversation, in order to help the client move past emotional obstacles / achieve personal or professional goals / flourish in life with positivity

2. How would I know that Coaching is the kind of support I need?

As an individual - If you feel a discomfort about or are not liking your thought or behavior patterns / if you know you are capable of more but do not know in which direction to progress / if you know your next goal or next better version but feel stuck / if you have taken resolutions and commitments to do something differently but have fallen back to old bad patterns – then you may want to try Coaching.

As an Organization – if there is a need to enable Change in the way employees, managers or leaders are thinking, relating to each other or performing which in turn, might have an improved personal and professional advancement to each individual, thereby resulting in collective exponential benefit to the organization - then Coaching may be introduced.

3. Who is eligible to be Coached?

Any human being with the willingness to advance themselves personally or professionally is eligible to be coached. 

Also, any organization which wants to bring about a positive change in the attitude, behavior or performance of its employees or leaders, can empanel a professional Coach.

4. Is Coaching a therapy / mentoring / training or consulting?

Coaching is distinct from the following professions on these aspects:

  • Therapy - in the sense that, it does not deal much with the past and trauma, does not seek to heal, is not a Doctor-Patient relationship. However, client’s emotions are not ignored. 

  • Mentoring or Training – in the sense that, it does not deal with succession training to get client to do what a coach does or follow the latter’s guidance

  • Consulting – in the sense that, it does not seek to provide expertise, strategy, information to evaluate situations and fix problems.

Instead, Coaching shares foundational theories from therapy, neuroscience, NLP and behavioral change theories/ approaches/ techniques and tools to invoke self-discovery in the client, help them visualize a better version of themselves, co-create plans and strategies and, manage progress.

5. How can I book a session?

Call me on +91 9940685069 (India) or +1 469 227 9770 (USA) OR write to me at explaining briefly what you have on mind.

​I shall schedule a call with you to understand your personal / professional / organizational needs and to debrief on this process, the coach-client relationship, each other’s roles, what to expect, etc. If there is a match ascertained between us, we will begin with signing up of a Coaching Agreement

6. What topic can I bring to the Coaching table?

Here are just a few examples:

  • Am a Manager, but find it hard to lead my team. Am I unfit for a managerial role?

  • I want to start my day early and do my fitness exercises. But beyond a couple of days, I don’t progress!

  • My boss keeps bombarding me with more & more work, but I hate myself for silently accepting and suffering later…

  • Am perceived as dominating during meetings. But my intention is not that; am only enthusiastic about voicing out my ideas

  • I feel jealous when we see this person or get to know about their progress in life. I don’t want to have such feelings because it spoils my peace of mind

  • Am in a relationship which is doing me no good. But have no clue how to improve it / get out of it / or fear getting out of it

FAQs about Coaching: Services

Possible outcomes

from 1:1 Coaching

  • respond better to stressful situations

  • navigate through dilemmas

  • increase positive thinking

  • improve team interaction skills

  • build on leadership skills

  • improve parenting skills

  • spiritual development/ fulfillment

from Group Coaching

  • People get support from each other from the group to make amends to their behavior / communication style

  • People are in a safe place to try out new behavior and get feedback immediately from others in the group

  • Silos in the organization are broken & departments begin working in harmony

  • Cross-company collaboration begins and gradually, the fabric of the entire organization changes for the better

  • A powerful intervention in this VUCA World

FAQs about Coaching: Services

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FAQs about Coaching: Welcome
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