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for these moments, to these people

Graduation Day
The University of Texas at Dallas
2017 - 2018

Where we began our

Professional and Executive Coach education journey - one that has propelled me to work on myself, first

The initial many weeks seemed herculean for me to get a grip on the coaching process as well as on the accent of my fellow students. However, with ICF Master Coaches as our gurus, all of us came out as our better versions on the other end.

This has marked the start of a journey

...spiritual and purposeful.

My First Corporate Client
4iApps Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
May 2019



A group of technically savvy resources who needed some support with Business Communication, Corporate Etiquette, and 'Rules of the Career Game' for professional (and personal) success



This happened to be the second batch of IT - ERP professionals at 4iApps in 2019.

Truly happy, I could get back to India and be part of our nation-building process in my own small way.


When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Another batch of enterprising young minds @ 4iApps, Chennai

Virtual Communication Skills & Personality Development Training in progress... 

Webinar on

Coaching as a Key Intervention in Talent Mgmt. 

Sep 2020

*How different is Life & Career Coaching from Training and Consulting?

*What does a typical Coaching conversation look like?

*Who should take up coaching?

*How is it different from Therapy? 

Watch the video available on YouTube under the same topic

Personalized Online Training for

Private Clients


Receptive and zealous learners make 1-on-1 sessions absolutely worthwhile.

Commendable is this client's willingness to stay consistent with practice. No wonder his Business Emails have come around 180 degrees for the better.


We are now focussing on his presentation & conversation skills


Faculty Development Programme @ Jeppiaar Engineering College, Chennai

24 Feb 2022

What a privilege it was to be trusted by an esteemed institution such as Jeppiaar's and, be part of their Faculty Development initiative.

It was truly an honor to be invited to transition the masterminds by speaking on

Living a Wholesome Life & Building Character Strength'

Training & Group Coaching @ Avalon Technologies Limited, Chennai
Jan 2023



My first with Training & Group Coaching in the Manufacturing Sector. Over the 3 half-days, we touched upon several aspects of building character strength that would naturally catalyze their Business Communication, Collaboration, and Leadership skills.

This would be followed by 2 weeks of virtual handholding with personalized trainer-trainee email interaction to enhance their business communication.

Getting Career Ready
for the MBA - Final Year students of Amity Global Business School, Chennai
Feb 2023

Getting Career Competent
for the Technical Consultants of 4i apps solutions private limited, Chennai
Apr 2023

Faculty Development Programme @
Jeppiaar Engineering College, Chennai

July 2023

This year, it was about
Staying Motivated

Being a Leader
Leadership Development Training @ Viva Housing, Chennai
July 2023

An initiative by And for the
Young Minds across Colleges

August 2023

1. Styles of Communication
2. Of which, the healthy style that's tough to practice but certainly possible
3. Entry points to practice this healthy style

This, by the students of
Jeppiaar Institute of Technology

October 2023

Ways to connect with people
to demonstrate
Healthy Leadership. And, that can begin much before one enters the workforce!

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