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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Arthy has a talent for getting to the bottom line of what you're saying and reflecting back to you often in a very eloquent metaphor that you really feel listened to, supported and trusted. Thanks to her listening skill and her deep faith in the universe, you do feel like everything is going to be ok and you got this. Coaching with Arthy is a journey that takes you exactly to your exact destination which is the outcome you wanted in the first place.”

Somaia Arafa, MD.,  Executive Coach
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

"I cherish my connection with Arthy through personal life coaching sessions. Our sessions have shown continuous improvement over relatively short periods of time - this has been extremely important in maintaining my motivation. Arthy is an emphatic listener. I always felt listened to and pushed to keep growing. She has an amazing presence that makes you feel safe, understood and empowered to make the changes to move on freely. 

She has also given me the tools I need to move forward in a positive way.
Her support will forever be appreciated as I have continued to make meaningful changes in my life. I use Arthy's strategies daily in order to maintain my overall health.

I have enjoyed her calm, professional and committed approach to helping me with my goals.

I would like to publicly thank Arthy for taking me on as a client and to strongly recommend Arthy to anyone who may be considering her services"

Abdul Hameed, Application Architect at IBM Australia

"It has been an honest, trustworthy, non-judgmental coaching experience with Arthy for the past 5+ months. From the very first session, I feel understood. Arthy’s listening skills are awesome; so is her power to understand the situation quickly.

Her strong intention to support her Coachee in the best possible way has helped me achieve my goal and improve my performance.

The most precious outcome of this coaching engagement is that I could create a 'success model' for my life along with the goal accomplishments. I feel, everything is going right in my life and I am at peace. 
Thank you very much, Arthy. I wish you more and more success."

Sharmila, Deputy Manager
Bangalore, India

"Everytime I finished  a session with Arthy it felt like a weight has been lifted off from my mind and heart. Arthy is a highly talented, natural coach. She operated as a coach, friend, mentor and even as my therapist. She was relentlessly positive, supportive and motivating from the beginning of my search to answers of unsolved questions in my life. She helped me see “the light at the end of the tunnel” by breaking down steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. During sessions, my interactions with such a multifaceted person who wears so many hats - Life coach, HR professional, communication expert and accomplished parent, can be nothing short of enriching experience. I highly recommend Arthy as a wonderful Life Coach and human being to work with."

Latha Ananth, Homemaker & Story-teller for Children

Chennai, India

"The thought to first share my anxieties and worries with Arthy came once she took up her Coaching course. It was such a blessing in disguise to be able to vent out my thoughts to someone who is no third person but a friend I value a lot. She is such an amazing person, who helped me get out of my thought process. She made me think in a different dimension. She made me realise that I was comparing myself to a completely different point of reference and all I need to do was change my point of reference. Maybe, I am my competition. That thought was truly enlightening in several ways. She is a wonderful coach and a human being with a positive frame of mind."

Dr Deepa R, Management Professional

Chennai, India

"Arthy has been a very helpful coach and instructor. With her lessons, a lot of things I missed before have been made obvious. Overall I have felt I have learnt many new things and got a new perspective on old."

Srikar Ganachari

Edinburgh, UK

"Soft skills must be learned by each and every working professional. So, I made it a point to learn it professionally. Arthy Ma'm understood and analyzed me very well that she up-skilled me with all the chief elements of soft skills. I express my wholehearted gratitude towards you, Ma'm, for training me so well."

Immaculate Janet J, Student at NIFTEM

Sonipat, India

"If you'd like to learn and understand the real purpose and importance of effective communication, it's best to get in touch with Arthy who has a strong passion and knowledge in the subject. She creates a space where you can freely express your views in a confident and meaningful manner."

Thirumal Margabandu, IT Professional

"During our coaching educational experience at UTDALLAS, I had a great opportunity to meet and student-coach Arthy. She was very effective in utilizing insightful, imaginative and thought-provoking questions to help move her clients forward. It was a pleasure to see how she evolved into a competent and professional Coach. I applaud Arthy on her personal growth in making a difference."  

Elina Smith, Executive Coach and Human Resources Professional

Texas Hill Country, USA

"I strongly encourage taking Soft Skills Course with Arthy Ma'm. The descriptions and explanations for each topic are rich, informative, and interesting. Each class holds lots of information that has changed my perspective on communication and is the best way to get what you want. Overall, this course is extremely exciting and I strongly recommend taking it."

Sudhakaran Paluchamy, Senior Architect,

Doha, Qatar

"I joined Communication skills training with Arthy last year. Arthy spent a couple of classes to understand where she needs to focus on to make my communication effective. She identified some areas where most people make mistakes and started training me on those. Once I acquired that skill, she focused on my verbal communication and guided me in using the right words. Those intricacies helped improve my communication to the next level. Her patience and calm nature would help students raise any number of doubts." 

Saravanan Madhavan, Manager - IT

Chennai, India

"I work as a software engineer. I have realized the value of communication skills as I move up the career ladder. Despite having strong technical skills, I struggled to articulate my ideas and solutions to the client because of my poor spoken English. I decided to focus on my spoken English ability after realizing that this was impacting my growth and self-confidence.
I'm happy and glad I got in touch with Arthy to work on my spoken English. She showed a great understanding of my weak area during our first session, which really impressed me.
I was able to ask her any simple questions I had without any difficulty; thanks to her friendly approach and personal touch. I now have greater confidence while speaking with the client and team members. I'd like to thank Arthy for helping me."

Sangeetha Chandrasekaran, Lead - Data Engineer
Chennai, India

"Arthy is a naturally talented person imbibed with an unwavering positive attitude, grit and strong conviction towards achieving the greater goal of transitioning the minds in a much better way. As a Life/Professional coach, Motivational speaker, Trainer....she does it with so much of passion and always gives her fullest to the task undertaken.

Being emotionally intelligent, trustworthy and doing deep work makes her work strikingly different and best in class. Her attention to detail, active listening skills and empathizing nature enable her to provide genuine feedback to the clients. This in turn, would by all means bring in a positive change in them and tread in their path with a lot more confidence and success".

Arunachalam Thiagarajan, AVP - Delivery
Chennai, India

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