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Being Mindful / Living in the Moment...experiments you can try!

Are you constantly swinging between past decisions and future anxieties? How can you stay in the the present?

Pic Courtesy: University of Michigan

Experiment#1 - Do Things at a Faster Pace

Try doing your routine tasks faster than your normal pace. Your brain will come to a complete focus on the activity at hand because you'll want to be both 'quick' and 'correct' with your work which means, you have already assigned two responsibilities to your brain and, that's good enough for it to be busy with!

For example, if you are folding clothes fast, you would obviously want to fold them neatly too; say, if you are cutting veggies a li'l quicker, you may also focus on not cutting your fingers; if you're cooking at a faster pace, you'll naturally focus on sustaining your speed plus following the right sequence of adding ingredients. This way you'll be literally keeping your brain under leash from wandering into a third territory: past / future.

Now, should you loosen the grip on your focus, you'll find your pace naturally coming down... which means, you have begun wandering or not being 'Mindful'. So, try the opposite - increase the pace of doing! Repeat the experiment if it works for you.

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