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Attitudinal Shifts For A Fulfilling Career

How I wish I hadn't made some mistakes when I started my career. Thankfully, I turned around within two years.

To stand out from the crowd is far from being an overbearing personality or being the best-dressed at office. It is a way of thinking and behaving that will naturally supply you with abundance energy and positive vibes to keep you progressing. Strangely, the universe also begins sending you green signals to move in the right directions!

1 Gallop like a horse! – get into the habit of documenting your to-dos for the day. Discipline yourself into bringing down every item from your list at the end of every business day, unless there is a genuine dependency on others. When you write down your to-do list, assign a truthful, objective timeline for completion for each task and be enthusiastic about achieving it. It is disappointing to see the young workforce or even experienced people spontaneously coming up with “not possible to complete this by today” even before exploring possibilities of completion. After buying extra time, it adds to the frustration to see them while away time at office. 15 years ago, I had my Aha! moment about work-efficiency when my father casually told me, “ensure you strike-off every item from your today’s To-Do list before you leave office in the evening. If possible, see if you can tick some from tomorrow’s”. Till date, those words somehow kick-start my mornings and keep me galloping those 9 hours I spend at work, whether from home or office.

2 Dress-up like you are one-level up in the hierarchy – you can dress up to have heads turning to look at you. But the difference is, is it out of distraction or admiration? You make the choice. One simple rule to guide you through this is to see yourself in one-level up in the grade and picking your clothes and accessories accordingly. So, if you are a fresh grad, imagine how you would dress up if you were a senior engineer / executive and how that would impact the way your juniors view you. If you are a Manager, imagine how you would dress up if you were the Dept Head. Our clothes impact our body-language and the way we think as much as how others perceive us.

3 Understand your bio-rhythms – some of us are pepped up in the mornings and we slow down post-lunch; some others get energetic around early evening and stay so through the rest of the evening. So, pack up your important activities according to it. Similarly, women employees need to track their most productive days in a month and ensure to accomplish many important priorities before they begin to feel the low energy and lack of zeal. When we are physically not feeling okay, it can impact our confidence levels. Chances are, we may hate to accept new assignments or roles during this time of the month. Just be aware of this - where possible, buy time till you feel better – and then, give your decision. Most likely, you’ll feel charged up to accept & accomplish more!