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Stuck between Networking & Blocking connections!

Proud that I was, about the 5,000+ connections I have on LinkedIN (world’s largest professional networking platform); equally frantically, I am blocking and removing connections by the day. Seems, people are unsure of the difference between LinkedIn and Tinder!

In career and entrepreneurship, networking plays a pivotal role. You never know when you might strike gold. One influential connection and you might just land in the goldmine. But not without grappling with some issues, looks like…!

While LinkedIn does warn us of accepting only known connections, one is always tempted to Accept invitations looking at the Company Name / Title of the person sending you a request. Not sure about men, but women have to grapple with subtle forms of #MeToo on LinkedIn.

It is not uncommon for women job applicants or in general, women users, to receive messages such as “Hey dear, had your breakfast?” / “pls find my resume attached & do the needful, dear” or, like what a fellow-user exposed today of a message she exchanged with a Recruiter of a leading IT giant regarding a job vacancy to which he responds, “Ok, send across your profile to my id, babes” (seriously?!). She retorts by asking if that was his definition of professionalism to which he has the audacity to ask, “do you want this job or no”. Honestly, like her and me, several others are now questioning the integrity of the company this reckless Recruiter works for. Is it time for some LinkedIn Behavioral Training for our employees?

Do share your stories if you’ve faced similar such experiences and how you handled them, in the comments section below or on messenger.

Your experience-share could safeguard someone tomorrow…

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