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I am

an awareness that I am trying to understand with every passing day and, a work in progress.

Thus far, I have come to realize...dancing, writing, home decor, decluttering, psychology, documentaries, history, spirituality, essentialism, engaging conversations over good food and time with myself over coffee...are my soul-nourishers.

As a practitioner of the Sanatana Dharma, I look to align with the universal truth in my everyday habits and choices. This helps me experience abundance in several aspects of life - not limited to monetary success. 

While my feet paddle zealously underneath the waters toward personal progress, I find it fulfilling as a Life - Leadership - Relationship Coach to join my private and corporate clients and be with them in a way that'd support their evolution.

The name given is Arthy Shankar.

About Me: About Me

My Credentials

I carry,

21 years of professional experience spanning Human Resources Management, Talent Acquisition, Quality Management System, Career Success Skills Training & Professional and Executive Coaching

I hold,

​a Graduate Certificate in Professional & Executive Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas | USA (2018)

an Executive Degree in Strategic Performance Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur | India (2018)

a Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration in HR & Marketing from XIME, Bangalore | India (2002)

a Graduate Degree in Business Administration from MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai | India (2000)

About Me: About Me
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