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Is the sealing of hearts - a standard operating procedure OR for soul-nourishment?

Life doesn’t become complete just by adding newer relationships / deleting some; it gets meaningful and blissful depending on how we transact and be with each other. Seriously, quantity of relationships doesn’t matter at all.

With the definition of marriage clearly having moved away from being a license to procreate / security and identity for a woman / the next logical phase in a young adult’s life / training ground for one to mature or evolve… to one of Companionship, the focus is obviously on ‘compatibility’ and ‘emotional connect’ between two individuals. Wait! I can already hear some of you muttering, “if you don’t get what you like, then like what you get”. Well! that’s what 90% of the world ends up reconciling to and somehow, survives in relationships…semi-happy ☹

This Valentine’s month, I implore you to think whether you are getting into a relationship just because you are supposed to / expected to OR because you want to experience a soul-nourishing experience in the company of another soul. Whether you are contemplating marriage or not, the write-up below will be of interest to you. I only hope, you find meaning in it now than much later in your relationship.

To establish compatibility in a newly formed relationship or to revive in an existing one, I share with you 5 non-negotiable essentials.

#1 Give a listening ear

I would rate this first and foremost. Listening is that powerful tool connecting two souls, almost instantaneously! It is the highest form of Respect. When you listen, you are being fully present and available for the other person. It is not only about keeping your device away when your partner is talking; it is about the genuine curiosity to listen to their side of the story. Maintaining eye-contact,