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How a coaching-like conversation ignited a spark in my tween son

During Coach training, over and above the tools and techniques that were taught to us, one aspect that was being dinned into our heads was... the ability to listen deeply and stay curious about the perspectives the other person has to offer. Not necessarily, only a coaching client; anyone we have a conversation with. No doubt, this has influenced the way we coaches perceive any highly resourceful entities having all the creativity and solutions within them.

So, just before last Christmas, my sonny felt stuck with his social studies homework. He had to depict an episode from WW-II pictorially; but, wasn't making enough headway. Frustrated, he chose to go out and play soccer trying to be in denial that he has such an assignment on hand. Had I been my earlier version, my easiest route would have been to thrust my ideas and get him to execute. However, with things being different with me, a 20-min quick-bite impromptu coaching session was what had followed between us.

A few pointed questions about his situation, his goals and vision about himself around this project {all the while, my refraining from making statements such as - "why don't you do this"/ "this makes more sense"/ "this is what you should draw"} ignited a spark in the brain of the 12-year old. His approach to the chart work was crystal clear, his execution got easier and output absolutely convincing to him. Even better, he was mighty proud that none of it was his mom's creativity. Success was entirely his! For me, 'twas a revelation about the Power of Coaching and a gentle reminder that we, the client and the coach, must just trust in the process!!

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