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If you’re feeling selfish when trying to set boundaries, try this...

If you are, forever, putting others and their requests first or giving in to the unreasonable demands of a client or family member - only to suffer later from your own unaccomplished priorities or some joy robbed off - start seeing yourself as 'another person' and ask these 3 questions before you say that unhealthy “Yes”: • “how stressful is this going to be for 'this person'?” • “does 'this person' have time to do this?” • “Am I going to deprive 'this person' of some mental peace?”

If you feel ‘this person’ is not going to be troubled much by your ‘Yes’, then go ahead. Else, you always have the choice to say “No” or stall, to buy time.

Self-care is not Selfishness. Over a period of time, you will develop a healthy, assertive personality. The ones who truly understand you will, nevertheless, stick to you.


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